About Dynamis Europe

Integrated Security Solutions

Dynamis Europe, a consultancy based in Brussels, Belgium, specialises in providing integrated security solutions, training and exercise support, and resilience and capacity building to customers throughout Europe and world-wide. These specialised solutions are supported through our proprietary incident management software, COBRA. Our consultants are subject matter experts who excel at assessing, developing, and implementing quality solutions tailored to each client’s mission specific objectives.

Dynamis Europe

Dynamis Europe is a well-established and highly regarded integrated services consultancy to European and international clients in both private and public sectors.

Our Capabilities

Our staff is comprised of experts who can create the perfect incident management software that is easy to use and understand.

Our People

Well-educated and experienced personnel are our greatest assets and investment. They provide the high-level skills and expertise that our clients require.

Your community and your organisation depend on you. Let’s get it right, together.

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