NATO Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Dynamis Europe designed and executed a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Defence Capacity Building project for a nation with the objective of enhancing the capacity to not only respond to crises but also combat terrorism and develop a long-term, sustainable process and skill set that will ensure continued national crisis management capacity while enhancing national resilience.

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Cost-effective and Adaptable

Dynamis Europe created a security system that was not only cost-effective and provided national and local integrated security solutions, but it is also easily adaptable for all future security concerns.

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In a world defined by hybrid warfare and asymmetric threats, national resilience is essential to successfully responding to natural disasters, industrial accidents, and human-initiated attacks affecting critical systems in a nation. With limited resources available to meet a multitude of priority needs, a cost-effective, proven, systematic approach to crisis response and enhancing national resilience ensures the largest return on investment.

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The client nation successfully developed plans, procedures, training and exercise programs that encompass not only a whole-of-government approach to crisis management but also leverage and incorporate the unique capabilities and contributions available in the private sector as well as including critical infrastructure owners and operators. Senior governmental leaders at the ministerial level and above were educated and implemented an integrated program that met their unique needs and supported an enduring and lasting institutionalized solution that would survive transitions in governmental leadership for years to come. The resulting overall system of systems was a local solution that met the client’s needs and could be maintained and further refined by national personnel.



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