Belgium ICMS

Kingdom of Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium chose Dynamis Europe’s COBRA software to implement their nationwide Incident & Crisis Management System (ICMS). COBRA is used to track, document, and share crisis information associated with daily operations, special events, planning scenarios, exercises, and major crisis.



Belgium uses COBRA as it’s single national repository for all emergency management related information. Each Belgian jurisdiction receives access to COBRA for managing their emergency management plans, exercise plans, After Action Reports (AARs), planning scenarios, national GIS layers, national vulnerable/critical facility layers, hospital bed status information, and more.


This program requires COBRA to display critical and vulnerable facilities on a map, allow agencies to upload and manage personal GIS map layers, allow up to 60,000+ users to access and update contact information, share information between local communities and Federal users, support four different languages (French, Dutch, German, and English), and integrate with military/federal map servers. As COBRA is deployed to over 600 jurisdictions, 1,500 organisations, 4,000 active users accounts, and 11,000 emergency management related contacts, it demonstrates Dynamis Europe’s ability to deploy and support solutions at the national and global level.

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