COBRA Incident Management Software

COBRA is Dynamis Europe’s proprietary Incident Management Software. COBRA delivers scalable, flexible, and adaptable tools to enhance preparedness, reduce risk, and effectively respond to crises.

Integrated Tools

COBRA provides a common operating picture and integrated tools that enables you to rapidly see, understand, and act. From daily operations to major events, from local incidents to national response, COBRA enables unity of effort through Sensor Integration, Decision Support, System Integration, Resource Management, Knowledge Management, and Communications & Collaboration tools tailored to your environment and mission.

Unity of Effort

COBRA provides situational awareness across a wide variety of users, disciplines, and geographic locations. COBRA acts as a hub for centralizing information flow, helping you to plan, prevent, respond, and recover. Driven by internationally-recognised incident management best practices and live sensor data, COBRA provides a unified platform for real-time collaboration, information sharing, decision support, and documentation allowing organisations to make timely and accurate decisions.

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