Olympics & World Cup

COBRA in Action

Dynamis Europe’s COBRA software was employed during 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games.


The unique nature of the events presented numerous security challenges. For the 2014 FWC, these included the need to monitor 12 stadiums in 12 cities and the immense number of spectators, which reached almost 3.5 million in total. The Olympic and Paralympic Games entailed a much greater number of events in a more concentrated area, as nearly all competitions took place in Rio. In the latter case, the military was tasked with ensuring the security of 15,253 athletes for the duration of the Olympics.

track runner


The Brazilian military achieved its goal via a Common Operating Picture (COP) that enabled it to integrate GPS, chemical and radiological sensor, incident, photographic and weather data into a single map and dashboard, securely accessible anywhere and on any device. This allowed them to track the real-time location of undercover security operatives, respond to real-time alarms triggered by sensor readings that appeared on the COP map, and monitor all venues simultaneously from a remote location.


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